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Surviving Betrayal – Can Your Relationship Recover From Infidelity

Surviving Betrayal - Can Your Relationship Recover From InfidelityAre you afraid your partner will “drift” in your relationship? Have you experienced infidelity in your past or current relationship and you’re worried it will happen again? Afraid you will be deceived and now know?

What is an affair? We commonly believe that affairs are about sex, but they’re really about betrayal, lies and deception. An affair might include gifts exchanged, letters, (more…)

If They Only Knew and Understood

If They Only Knew and Understood…the depth in which I feel, hear, see and care

The pressure I feel

The severity in which the pain cuts

The magnitude of the calling

The tears I shed

The ache in my heart

The swelling in my head

The tenderness of my soul

The compassion I live

The energy involved in alleviating the pain of others

The love (more…)

Anger: Mischievous Sprite in You

Anger: Mischievous Sprite in YouEven though anger is a usual feeling, if ignored the condition can become critical which can cause difficulties for you as well as your friends and family. A few of us experience anger more often when compared to others. In the same way, certain people have better hold over anger.

Your anger is uncontrollable when you initiate to enact on your irritation. The minute (more…)

A Personal Objective Review Is Necessary

A Personal Objective Review Is NecessaryOnce in awhile, we do experience things not too pleasant in life. Be it a problem in your relationship, not earning enough, struggling over some obligations or problems concerning health; whatever it is, we ought to keep an open mind so that we can review the things that require improvement. Usually, it is best to do this with some form of objectivity instead of letting personal woes such as disappointments, (more…)

Intimacy – Create Emotional Fulfillment

Intimacy - Create Emotional FulfillmentThe fulfillment we experience in life comes through caring or loving deeply about someone or something-even if it is a job. Thus, being willing to care or love deeply opens the door to betrayal.

Relationships are seldom without discomfort and they provide no promise of safety, no matter what we dream it to be in the joyful early stages. However, in spite of the many bruises (more…)

Subliminal Messages – Top Tips to Really Concentrate

Subliminal Messages - Top Tips to Really ConcentrateIs it really difficult to concentrate? The answer is a resounding yes. There’s also one good explanation for it. There are too many things that will try to capture your attention. Blame it on this mad world.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot concentrate at all. It just requires a little practice and patience at your end. You may want to try the following tips to make full (more…)

How to Find Your Life Purpose With the Help of a Flower

How to Find Your Life Purpose With the Help of a FlowerI don’t mean wondering over the hills here and coming upon a “host of golden Daffodils” and thinking aha! that’s it!

What I’m talking about is flower remedies.

There’s a few different types of flower remedies available on the market but probably the most famous is Dr Bach’s series of remedies, commonly known as “Bach Remedies” that he discovered in the last (more…)

Are You Failing in the Present?

Are You Failing in the Present?I spent a magical hour this morning taking a walk in one of the area State Parks. I dropped my daughter off at camp and decided to walk the trail near the camp. The sun was shining, the heat of the day was on it’s way yet hadn’t made its full debut as hot and humid. The trail was mostly shaded, the gravel crunching under my feet as I listened to the sounds of the birds whistling and chirping (more…)

Thank You Very Much – Turning Problems Into Gifts

Thank You Very Much - Turning Problems Into GiftsI am a martial artist and black belt in aikido, a practice that continues to teach me about life, both on and off the mat. For example, at the end of each aikido practice, I express gratitude to my partners by bowing and saying: “Thank you very much.” I’ve found over the years that sometimes I have obvious reasons to say thank you – working with that person was exhilarating and fun. However, sometimes (more…)

Nine Tips To Avoid Brain Entrainment Problems

Nine Tips To Avoid Brain Entrainment ProblemsBinaural Beats – A brief overview

The technology of binaural beats has been known to mankind since 1839, that’s almost one-and-a-half centuries. When Professor Heinrich Dove announced his discovery of beats and how it impacted the brain, people looked upon it as idle scientific curiosity. So a beat is generated, nice. What next? It took the research work of people (more…)

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