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Take Absolute Responsibility for Your Results!

Take Absolute Responsibility for Your Results!“He made me angry.”

“My divorce is really depressing me”.

“My kids are driving me crazy.”

“My unappreciative boss is driving me to a nervous breakdown”.

The statements above have one thing in common; blaming others and not taking responsibility for one’s state.

As long as blame is cast outside ourselves, our states will be out of our control. (more…)

Applying Self Improvement to Your Life

Applying Self Improvement to Your LifeNowadays people seem to need more motivation than ever. It’s a cold hearted society. It’s survival of the fittest. The strongest, smartest, fastest, person survives while the weak and meek are pushed around. So many people are discouraged from their lives. Some people hate the job they are working at, some people don’t like the fact that they are overweight, and some people have no confidence (more…)

How to Achieve Abundant Living

How to Achieve Abundant LivingWhat is abundant living? It is a well balanced life filled with happiness, health and prosperity. It is a life that sees you enjoying the company of loved ones in a stable environment and enjoying personal and professional success. It is a life where you are resilient even in the face of adversity. It is not about life being perfect, but being able to live it to the fullest, enjoying the fruits (more…)

Filling in Our Knowledge Gap

Filling in Our Knowledge GapIgnorance is a curable disease. Accurate information, knowledge, is the antidote. Many feel embarrassed to admit they do not know something, so they act as if they do know it. This can be a dangerous arrangement.

It is actually a sign of intelligence to admit ignorance on a subject and seek accurate information to fill that knowledge gap. Learning should not stop with our formal education. (more…)

Are You Your Own Biggest Fan?

Are You Your Own Biggest Fan?I have been thinking a lot lately about confidence.

I mean I teach women how to love themselves and create confidence all the time right? Here are some of the questions I have to ask about confidence.

Where does it come from?

How can I better teach it to my clients?

Is it something that can be taught, or are you just blessed to be born with it?

I truly (more…)

What Really Matters When It Comes to Living?

What Really Matters When It Comes to Living?My aunt lived in a fairly large house that had a basement suite and it was full of furniture and personal possessions. When she was older and ended up in a private nursing home all she had was her cane and slippers. Talk about downsizing!

Last week when I was with my sister in ICU I once again was reminded that when a person is sick, things just don’t matter. You don’t need a new vehicle (more…)

The Truth About Reading

The Truth About ReadingI find it rather sad to think about how many people admit that they do not read books. In fact, many state that they don’t read anything except short messages that they receive through social media sites.

Why do I think this is sad? Well, because the truth is that if you can read, you can learn anything, avoid loneliness and allow the whole world to open up to you in a way that (more…)

What the Universe Taught Me Today – Message From a Sparrow

What the Universe Taught Me Today - Message From a SparrowOn a recent Saturday morning, my friend Wendy and I had a window seat in our favorite coffee shop. It was a late spring morning, turning into a beautiful day. We were discussing good deeds, and Wendy was was questioning her motivations. She concerned that she may subconsciously behave well in order to earn rewards, and not just because it was the right thing to do. She shared (more…)

Getting The Most Out Of Your Voice

Getting The Most Out Of Your VoiceNo matter who you are or what you do, chances are you need to use your voice most of the day. Everyone knows the importance of exercising the body but few people realize the voice needs exercise too. Doing a few minutes of simple vocal warm up exercises can increase your vocal power, variety, range, stamina, and fitness and dramatically improve the overall quality of your communication.

To release (more…)

Oh No, Fifty Arrived

Oh No, Fifty ArrivedThe big day is soon to arrive and all is not well. Well, you say? Well, that depends on who is about to reach the big 50. If you have a friend, relative or colleague who is going to turn fifty soon, the first thing to note is that you can not possibly let this special day go by without a significant hoopla of some sort.

The point of when your friend or whoever reaches fifty is a milestone that many never (more…)

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