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Forgiveness Is One of the Miracle Healers

Forgiveness Is One of the Miracle HealersEvery time I say: ‘One of the Miracle Healers is forgiveness’ a frequently asked question will comply with it: HOW?

How we are able to love and forgive someone who has hurt us? How is this possible? It can be even harder when it is about our beloved, like parents.

There are lots of reasons within our mind which stop us of changing the state of our mind about forgiveness. For instance: I did not deserve (more…)

Botox Can Improve Your Reflection

Botox Can Improve Your ReflectionToday, trying to look younger is as much about feeling good as it is about projecting the image outside that you feel inside. 40 may be the new 30, but for many men and women, it seems as if wrinkles may not have gotten that memo, or simply ignored it. Changes to diet, increases in physical activity, facial massages, sunscreen, parasols, and wearing hats, all have been tried, most with little or no success.

After (more…)

I See Your Legacy

I See Your LegacyI am imagining your response…

“Because I like to help people.” Or maybe…

“I wouldn’t want to do anything else – in fact I’ve been a therapist since I was five years old.”

Or even…

“I enjoy the work and I like having my private practice so I can set my own hours.”

Let’s go deeper…

“Why are you called to do this work?”

For some (more…)

Stepping Back

Stepping BackHello!

This is a great technique that can help you to bring great clarity into your life and get back to the pure essence of yourself. By stepping back to a compassionate more loving state you will bring clarity into your life.

From there you will also regain control. This is because you will be able to stop at any moment and decide what will be the reaction that will create your future.

If we usually (more…)

Confident Public Speaking – How to Project a Confident Attitude When Speaking in Public

Confident Public Speaking - How to Project a Confident Attitude When Speaking in PublicRule number one of confident public speaking is to know what you are talking about. The more you know about your subject, the easier it will be for you to feel confident speaking about it. Even the most experienced public speaker would not feel confident going up in front of an audience to hold a presentation about something he or she knew little or nothing about.

The second bit of advice (more…)

The Three Human Principles

The Three Human PrinciplesAgain and again, the role of any humanitarian author in any social context of the world is to think of the right paths; present and future, for any animated being within the human category. This article will bring three principles that the author thinks are the right paths for the author himself and any human being to walk on. The three “human principles” are as the following.

Materialism adequacy: (more…)

Living the Life of a Philanthropist

Living the Life of a PhilanthropistWhat exactly do you think of when you hear the word “philanthropist”? Most people tend to think that a philanthropist is someone who has so much money, that giving a portion of it away makes little difference to their overall wealth, and therefore requires little thought..

A philanthropist, by definition, is: “one who makes an active effort to promote human (more…)

The Secret Is Not Just About “Positive Thinking”

The Secret Is Not Just About Look, positive thinking is useless without taking action towards what you want-It’s just as simple as that. You’ve got to add “positive doing”.

You can’t just sit down on the floor, close your eyes, think about what it’s like to own a Ferrari and then keep doing the same things you always do. BUT, if you take the first step of imaging what it’s like to own that Ferrari, and then take action in the direction (more…)

A Path to Self Improvement – The Samurai Method

A Path to Self Improvement - The Samurai MethodDo you lack self discipline? Many of us do. Gaining self discipline is a matter of working at it it. Their are several paths to reach it, I think. One method is practicing constant self improvement. Check out my story; I have always been fascinated by the martial arts. Martial arts are the physical self defense disciplines that were developed in the Far East. The arts (more…)

Subliminal Messages Pictures That Help You Attain Your Ambitions

Subliminal Messages Pictures That Help You Attain Your AmbitionsIf you have never imagined how powerful the subliminal messages pictures can be, it is right time that you start taking this into consideration. If you have been keen enough to digest messages, data and information from different sources, you will realize that people are now aware of the much effect the subliminal messages that get recorded into your subconscious mind can be.

Many (more…)

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