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How to Tell Someone is Lying – Learn the Signs

How to Tell Someone is Lying - Learn the SignsAre you wanting to learn how to tell someone is lying? Well this is some information to help you do just that. If you pay attention to the suspected liars body language closely, you would be able to see if they are lying to you. The inner you comes out by the way you move and react with your body and not by what you say. It is hard no matter how much you try to look like your telling (more…)

Normal People Are Lazy

Normal People Are LazyAs a once senior banker, I know all about inertia. Studies from various parts of the world show that the majority of bank customers are unhappy with the levels of service they receive. In addition, many bank customers are aware that, at various times in their “relationship” with their bank, they have been inappropriately treated or overcharged. However, when it comes to current or checking accounts, the rate of customer (more…)

I Am A Belief-O-Holic

I Am A Belief-O-HolicHi, my name is Will, and I am a belief-o-holic. Beliefs have always been my best friends. I used beliefs to feel better, to ease my pain, and to end my loneliness. Sometimes I believed in public, but most often, I believed alone. I’ve suffered horribly, and caused others to suffer, because of my addiction to beliefs. I put beliefs ahead of my family, friends and community. Beliefs made me do things (more…)

Life’s Choices – Do We Know Why We Make Them?

Life's Choices - Do We Know Why We Make Them?Life’s choices…Do you ever wonder why we make the choices that we do? I am reading an incredible book about this subject and I thought I would share some of my thoughts.

Instead of trusting that life’s challenges are in our path for a reason,..we often question ‘why’,..

A lot of times, we run away from these challenges because we don’t want to face our ‘fear of failure’. When we let ‘fear’ become (more…)

Simplify Your Life, Simplify Your Mind – Reduce the Clutter

Simplify Your Life, Simplify Your Mind - Reduce the ClutterHow much stuff is in your house that you don’t need? Maybe you never needed it or maybe you’ve outgrown it, but a cluttered environment can lead to and indicate a cluttered and complicated mind and life.

If you have never experienced the feeling of relief that getting rid of clutter brings, then I encourage you to give it a try. Physical clutter in one’s home, office, (more…)

Three Powerful Ways To Make Yourself and Your Business In-Demand

Three Powerful Ways To Make Yourself and Your Business In-DemandIn business, the biggest asset is to have the ability to make your business irreplaceable or in-demand. But, people don’t take it seriously that’s why we see many examples of people being replaced in business or jobs, and customers change their loyalty often. Making yourself irreplaceable is important as otherwise you may be in a danger of getting ignored or replaced easily. This is true about any area of your (more…)

Cope With Holiday Blues by Appreciating the Abundance You Already Have

Cope With Holiday Blues by Appreciating the Abundance You Already HaveThis is a tough time of year if you’re unemployed or struggling with finances. Of course, anytime of year is hard but the holiday season is the toughest, especially if you have kids and are pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to do.

The first, and most important thing you can do is shift your focus. Stop looking at the problems in front of you. You heard me right. Just (more…)

The How to of Decisions

The How to of DecisionsDuring one of my reunion parties with my school friends, I heard a friend of mine ruing “I should’ve married that girl instead of the one I am married to now. If only I had made a proper decision, I would be a happier person now”. I responded with “We did what we thought was right then. I don’t think we would’ve done otherwise. How do you know that she would have been better than your wife? (more…)

Don’t Forget To Shop In France

Don't Forget To Shop In FranceWhen you’re going to France, wouldn’t it be nice to speak and talk to people in straight French? It would be a lot nicer and less stressing as well to be able to tell the French people what you really want to say, want to buy, want to eat and want to go. You need to have a basic French learning to be able to understand what the French man is telling you in response to your question.

Paris is a tourist (more…)

Crossroads in Life – 5 Tips to Get Through It

Crossroads in Life - 5 Tips to Get Through ItCrossroads typically occur during middle age and can happen as a result of significant changes in your life e. g. after divorce or separation, perhaps after the death of someone close, children not being as dependent, retiring, leaving work… and is typically marked by feelings of “What Do I Do Now???”

Sometimes crossroads sneak up on us… we get an inkling that we are not happy as we know we can be, we’re (more…)

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